Saturday, May 29, 2010

In 7 years, everything changes...

I started school with so much passion. If you know anything about passion you will know it has a way of snapping your panties up your ass and causing a bind no one can ever pick out. Passion is, in and of itself, a bastard and a pain in in your ass and soul. My advice? Never be passionate. Passion sucks. Like something enough to let it stimulate you, never allow it to control you.

If you graduated from college as a younger, more idealistic person, you probably have an "I can do anything, I can do everything" mindset. But graduating as a 30 something woman, you would feel differently. I'm scared. I've finished something I started and I'm very (very) proud of myself for my accomplishments, but I don't exactly know how to go about the next step. I have plans. I have big dreams; I have big plans.

Dreams reaching fruition, on the other hand, are almost more unfathomable than finishing college.

I'm writing a business plan, I'm going to grad school, I'm getting pregnant and having a baby???

My advice, don't finish college with a passion for anything. It just makes a mess no 3 credit course will ever prepare you for. (ending sentence with a preposition...take my degree away, I dare you.)

I'll get it together. I swear. Anyone want to let me mold their leg in plaster?


  1. i always say, never encourage your children to follow their dreams if it involves being an artist. thems the kicks. i wish they'd (my folks) made me go to trade school.

  2. i cannot wait to see what you do next. passionately or not.