Sunday, August 13, 2006


Current mood: savage
so, every weekend we go to the alleycat or to 3crow, or to red door east. you know it, you've seen us all there. it's pretty easy to find me and my people.

i am so bored. i love my friends, yes, but if i don't get away from the east side trilogy i might end up maiming myself just to break up the monotony.

and alleycat on saturdays? don't act like you don't is the 30-somethings singles bar. and yet i go (even though i am NOT single but because this is where my single friends want to go), EVERY weekend. i love you all, but can we maybe go somewhere else to do this? not every weekend, just every other weekend? how about dinner? does anyone want to go have dinner? how about bowling? roller skating? darts? go cart racing? jazz club? tennis? the mall?

this blog and plea will go down in flames, i know it. but it just had to be said.

oh ya, and ps. i hate freedom.

Thursday, August 3, 2006


for about a year and a half, i fell asleep every night listening to townes van zandt. every once in a while i revisit this time period in daydreams laced in fond nostalgia. i think this house i have moved into brings it all back...something about having a room of my own and the little noises of the people i love just outside my bedroom door as i sleep.

this house feels good. it did the second jill and i stepped into it. i sleep soundly, and more than anything, i want to be AT HOME. we play silly games with oliie, we chase him and the doggies all around the house. we invite people over for dinner, we drink wine, we drink cheap and fancy beer and one of us even does really bad tequila shots and regrets it the next day (not me, i have a very sophisticated palette for tequila). this house is a place to be with friends.

our porch....our porch is a little haven...a place where we can recap the day, laugh at each other while we play dirty mad-libs, a place for serious conversations or a place to just "be".

my house in austin was the same way. i don't remember a day when the house ever felt lonely despite many nights of me actually spending time alone. the house always echoed with memories of friends, lovers and family. deciding to move from the house in austin was predetermined by fate. everyone who lived there, aline, chenoa and i; pretty much decided at the same time that it was right to move on. i was given the opportunity to move to nashville for a job i am no longer with (completely different blog, but it got me here didn't it?), aline was needing to live alone to become the married lady she is today, and, chenoa was a free spirit (could you tell by the name?) and to this day i am not quite sure where she is. i hope wherever she is, she is healthy and happy.

i am very aware of my profound nostalgia for austin lately. it's the heat, it's this house, it's finally feeling like i have a family here....i love my people.

the buddhist believe- small little reminders or so-called coincidences let you know you are on the right path. maybe my nostalgia for townes and for austin just means i am on the right path...because my time in austin was just so right.

this house, as well, just feels right and i hope we never have to move. but its inevitable. yes?