Saturday, September 27, 2008

living and dying.

There's a lesson about living and dying. I don't exactly comprehend it all. I make an attempt at having a grasp on it, at least as far as I understand it. I'm not morbid (at least not abnormally so…) but my understanding is: When you know you're going to die, you only surround yourself with people who mean the most. You allow yourself the freedom of completely expressing your emotions. When you're living without the acknowledgment of death, you surround yourself with people who may or may not be just for the moment...People who may or may not understand exactly what you're about or where you've come from.

When you know you're dying, when you acknowledge your mortality, you make an effort to ensure the people you love; know you love them. And not just that, but you make sure they know why. Why can't we live our lives, our entire lives, with the idea of dying in mind? Not the scared and apprehensive idea of knowing we're going to die, but the grateful and loving idea of the end of our demise and the end of ourselves as our loved ones see us?

No matter what any one person believes, our, my, your impact on the people we surround ourselves with will miss the void that is us, me, you. And believe it or not, every person you come across during your life will be missed by you or someone.

And if that isn't a reason for being kind, being good, being generous, being just…then I don't know what is.