Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ummm. hi.

the second the coin hit bottom
the clicking sound of acceptance
anonymity as the ring began
gone are the days of the pay phone call
gone are the days of the crank
of the hang up

did we lose something when technology caught up with us? did the thrill of surprise escape us? or has the mobile phone, computer age and caller ID made us all noticeable, mysteriousness escaping us, leaving us displayed in a connected non-shadow.

i remember as a young girl the thrill of crank calling at a slumber party...boys from school not knowing who we were. slyness cloaking our need to just hear for one second the life of someone we had a crush on, on the other end of the line. talking to boys was fun then. asking them questions, when playing coy was an innocent game but not really a game.
i remember how we thought if we just wore the right outfit, if we just played the right game, they would like us. for maybe just one second the world lifted up, the fluttering began in our stomachs.

now in our adult years, how much has it changed? really. people flock to websites. they think they can put up a front..the about me's; the interests; the music and books to impress...intrigue until you meet, finally over at an innocently expectant drink. then it hits you...how similar it is to being young again. guards are all up, the best photos posted... when in reality it's all just the same.

people want to be liked and they put their best foot forward. when in reality, all we need is a little reality. not watered down. not fantasy. but a good dose of the real us. the real you. and a connection not found in a world made up of zeros and ones.